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Q: How would you romanize エルフェル? Siliconera seems to be going with Elfeldt.

Elphelt / Elfelt are pretty viable, though if I had my 'druthers I’d call her Elfert which sounds way cooler if you ask me (we’ll find out once and for all once we see some in-battle screenshots on how her name is listed on screen in the game, or at least when they update the official webpage).

Based on her ‘counter-position’ with Ramlethal in this mini poster Famitsu posted, it’s highly likely her full name is Elphelt Valentine.


Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?  And let’s not forget her strikingly similar appearance to Aria (with an idiot antenna haha).

(I still think Elfert Valentine sounds high tech and rather cool though, we’ll end this debate soon enough!)

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Q: How much political pull does Ky actually have as the king of Illyria?

Illyria is a collective of allied nations which are considered the current “largest organized union” of countries and lands in the world (source: GG2 Material Data).

However, Ky’s position as King was originally meant to serve as a figurehead for the people to placate them. His ‘election’ in to the position was hardly democratic, which is what he initially wished the people to act upon (that is to say, he wanted the people to have a Democracy or at best a Democratic Republic, not a Monarchy).

Ky has stated the difficulty he has in getting each “region” of this country to communicate with one another properly because of how large it truly is.

Ky’s steadily become a thorn in the Senato’s side because of his stance on Gears and their personal rights as living beings (with the war having ended).

Though not everyone is aware that sentient Gears exist, it will probably become an international hot topic soon enough.

So far, Ky has been able to rally the kingdom’s knights to his side for the sake of order, and it may be possible that Zepp may work with him in the future… but that is speculation.

Sol forced Ky in to a corner so to speak by insisting Ky place a 1 Million World Dollar Contract Bounty on Ramlethal Valentine’s head (for Sol’s services) because of the threat she has become. This is obviously an economic drain on Ky (but I think he will manage somehow).

Still, under Ky’s rule the Allied Kingdom has been prospering well enough. He’s even considerate of the people’s crops and other resources… so whether the people chose him or not, they’re certainly grateful of his duty to them as their King.

And if it weren’t for his efforts the Kingdom would have fallen had Valentine destroyed it.

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Q: to this day, what forces are considered major threats in the storyline? I mean the gear maker, the senato, the p.w.a.b.

Depends on what you mean by “major threat”?

Things like Science, Power, and Influence can all be positive tools if used correctly, but deadly in the wrong hands.

It started with Mankind’s greed and corruption and an unquenchable desire to explore their boundaries, which lead to the utilization of the Pandora’s Box called the Backyard.

Read More

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Q: What characters are aware of Sol being a Gear, besides That Man?

Anyone who is remotely aware of the fact that Sol defeated Justice probably has some idea of how strong he is, but the fact that he’s a Gear remains relatively known to few, least of all knowing he is the Prototype Gear and one of the scientists behind the Gear Project (though according to P.W.A.B, rumors about the project have buzzed around him since witnesses claim he does not age).

—-Ky Kiske probably has his suspicions but is keeping what he knows tight to the chest.

—-Axl Low doesn’t seem to care either way (since he knew Sol when he was a kid apparently), and of course Axl doesn’t really talk about “That Man” to Sol that much as it usually ends up starting a fight. Axl seems to get the impression that the Gearmaker was a ‘criminal’ when I-No later states that he’s a ‘savior’ instead, so he probably got that understanding from Sol, which probably leaves Axl somewhat conflicted with his objectives.

—-Testament knows, but they don’t talk about it, as they don’t get along.

—-Unless Kliff Undersn actually remembered it was Sol who saved his life all those years ago, dead men tell no tales. Kliff stated just prior to parting ways with Sol that he is officially part of his family as far as Kliff is concerned (which includes Ky, Tyr, and Testament apparently).

—-Baiken refers to Sol as “monster” quite frequently, so either she knows he’s a Gear or she knows he’s freakishly strong or both and just doesn’t care.

—-Venom seems to know quite a bit about him and even refers to him as the Flame of Corruption, though you could chalk that one up to the Assassins’ Organization’s information gathering abilities. At one point Venom pits his strength against Sol’s in order to see if he has what it takes to defeat Slayer. Of course, Sol doesn’t like being treated like a training dummy.

—-Anji knows Sol is hiding something and has frequently tried to ask him piercing questions to no avail. Sol finds him especially annoying since he has no qualms about siding with “That Man” on things at times.  In the end, Anji decides to keep his hands out of the affair and just protect Baiken while watching the Gearmaker from a distance for now.

—-Any sort of relationship Dizzy has with Sol is one of trust, since she confided in him when her son was born. She may or may not know he is a Gear, but she does know she can trust him (as he saved her life twice over), and that’s all that matters (in an alternate timeline it was suggested that Dizzy could sense his presence as a Command Type and he could feel her sensing him, so there’s that as well).

—-It’s worth noting that Justice didn’t know he was a Gear until AFTER her second encounter with him, but by that time it was too late and she was beaten down enough to be sealed away. She was still confused even five years later when she fought him the 3rd and final time to her bitter end. (Side note: she doesn’t even recognize him except as the Prototype, and makes no connection to his former life as the human “Frederick”).

—-If Slayer knows anything about Sol he simply does not care and just considers him a ‘diamond in the rough’ worth polishing (in terms of combat ability).

—-Ditto on I-No, who knows plenty but would rather see him dead.

—-Raymond of Isene in Villtania seemed to have connected the dots on Sol, but by then it was too late and Raymond committed himself to possessing Inus and transforming in to Judgment (not long after that he died).

—-Crow Kuruwaba makes an ambiguous offhand comment after Sol defeats his Justice Copy “Not bad for a Prototype”, but the statement is vague and can either mean his OWN prototype Justice Copy or referring to Sol directly… either way there’s no telling how much Crow really knows (though if one were to go based on P.W.A.B. reports on Sol up to now and what Senato have on him, they don’t know enough of the truth quite yet).

—-Dr. Paradigm specifically asked Izuna to look for Sol, so he had him dead to rights and deduced his original identity as the “scientist from 100 years ago” right away (though technically the fact he was a fellow Gear was more of an after-thought to Paradigm). Interesting to note that Paradigm mentions nothing about this to Ky or anyone else and keeps quiet about it (still funny how the two banter and call each other “rude monkey” and “chicken” respectively, despite being scientific geniuses).

—-Izuna picked up on the full story via Paradigm and even got to see Sol’s Gear form when he faced “That Man” but he seems to keep mum on things and considers Sol a friend. In fact it might be safe to say Izuna has more secrets than Sol at this point!

—-Valentine didn’t identify him until just before she perished and her “implanted memories” reacted to him.

—-Sin… ‘maybe’ knows? He just barely understands the fact that “That Man” is somebody who screwed up the world and that the old man is trying to stop him.

—-Raven knows of course, but it seems trivial to state at this point.

—-Lastly of course there’s Bedman who knows more about everyone else than WE know about him! He seems to be toying with Sol and comparing his boundaries and limits to him.

That’s the list for now, and if Sol had his say, he’d keep it to just these people!

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Q: [<-Previous Anon] I only kid with that danmaku thing about That Man, thought that one emoticon (:V) might've clued you in. Anyway, has it ever been elaborated how That Man and Raven met?

No need to rub it in.

The finer points to that first encounter remain unknown, but are hinted at in Raven’s “theme” and back story. Keep in mind this is speculation on my part, so the exact details may not be revealed for more important reasons.

From what was told in his back story, Raven became immortal through unknown means, lived for many many years and was eventually the subject (read: victim) of many elaborate Science experiments.

Because Raven couldn’t die (nor did he feel much pain), they subjected him to a lot of experimentation (whomever “they” are, though I wouldn’t put it past the Post-War Administration Bureau to be so cruel). The result caused him to be even less responsive to pain and make it even less likely for him to die. In his despair he impales his forehead with a spike he fashions out of metal… but he survives and continues on as a test subject in the lab…

Afterwards, for one reason or another “That Man” (possibly on the lam after his Gear creation Justice went rogue on him) probably came across the laboratory Raven was being stored in and decided to let him ‘out’ of his specimen tube (though the Gearmaker was a scientist, the world wanted his knowledge out of Greed, which went against his own beliefs and aspirations, so in the end he was a rogue Scientist, not unlike Sol was at the time).

His theme song asks a question which many have assumed to be from “That Man’s” point of view.

"So, are you going to stay the same? Pale, grim, deep in shame?

Up until that point, the lyrics imply that Raven is an unstoppable existence, an immutable being, cursing the world for being what it was.

"That Man" probably saw that Raven was agonizing over the fact he could not die, thus he asked him if he was going to keep on being that way throughout his existence as an immortal or if he wished to change things.

Raven responds with vigor and curiosity.

All I want is to know! Never want to let go! If my fate is so, I’ll strive forevermore!”

Raven wants to know what really happened. What caused the world to be like this? What made him immortal (something we’d all like to know as well)?

"That Man", being sympathetic to him, gave him a role: a Chronicle. An observer of the world and its history.

Because he was finally given a purpose, Raven swears complete loyalty to “That Man” and considers him a Holy Man (possibly a habit of his from back during the days of the original Crusades of the 13th century, as he had fought for the sake of his Church back then).

Somewhere along the line, Raven was given the historic title
"Undying Disease" (不死の病 / ‘Fushi no Yamai’), possibly because of his emaciated appearance and inability to die.

He accepts the purpose the Gearmaker has given him out of complete doting, loyal, fanatical gratitude and will protect him with his very life if need be. His loyalty is such that he even mocks Sol for hating the fact “That Man” blessed him with immortality (as though his conversion in to a Gear were a true gift).

For now he serves as “That Man’s” eyes and ears, though he is distrusting of others like I-No and Anji Mito, he fully intends to serve the Gearmaker either for the rest of his days, or the rest of the Gearmaker’s life, which has been unnaturally extended

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Q: Playable That Man? Oh please no, I've had enough danmaku in my Guilty Gear. :V Speaking of him on a more serious note, how many times did he have to actually directly intervene in the grand scheme of things?

Setting aside your comments (especially about a character I happen to like), so far the Gearmaker has made a few ‘assorted’ appearances throughout the series:

—-In GGXX Drama CD (the events during the Crusades) he was imprisoned by Dizzy within a Gear Plant which the Gears had taken over as their main base, he was later rescued by I-No, a witch from the future, who decides to ‘help him’ by changing the past events, this ultimately changes the timeline.

—-He is first ‘mentioned’ in the first Guilty Gear, first by Sol, and then by Justice when Ky talks to her before she passes on.

—-Between GG and GGX, during the novel Lightning the Argent, he has a meeting with 3 of his servants (two of which were identified later as Raven and I-No, the third still has yet to be made known). He asks Raven to record and observe Solaria’s “Gear Song” and obtain data on it.

—-In GGX it is revealed that he was surprised to learn of Dizzy’s existence and makes some rather cryptic comments regarding her.

—-During GGXX events, Sol, Baiken, Slayer, Axl, Dizzy, and Anji Mito (and Eddie indirectly) encounter him. It is also revealed he was ‘observing’ the battle between Justice and Sol during their 2nd confrontation during the Crusades prior to her getting sealed away. Notable that Axl’s encounter with That Man appears to have been retconned in favor of Anji Mito working with the Gearmaker later on in Accent Core Plus. At one point Ky confronts Sol on his reason for hunting “That Man” but Sol says it’s none of his business and would only complicate things if he got involved.

—-Raymond ‘hints’ at him as part of his reason for becoming Judgment in Guilty Gear Judgment.

—-During Accent Core Plus, he doesn’t make many direct appearances but instead has Raven chasing after a rogue I-No with Anji’s assistance to catch her. He also manages to aid Sol out of the paradox trap laid for him by I-No.

—-In GG2 Overture he is first mentioned as being the creator of the Cube in the Backyard by Dr. Paradigm, who reveals the secret behind the Gears and their link to the Backyard to Sol. He finally makes an appearance shortly before their final confrontation with Valentine but his statements are (as always) vague and cryptic. Even so, Sol reaffirms his vow to kill the Gearmaker and end things once and for all with him.

—-In Guilty Gear VastEdge he makes a minor guest boss appearance but the story doesn’t particularly have anything to mention regarding his involvement.

—-So far he has only been mentioned indirectly a few times in GGXrd’s arcade mode, mainly by Bedman in sarcastic passing, and later Axl Low when discussing the ‘message’ he has to deliver to him from the “Original Man” via I-No. Otherwise Sol is still intent on chasing him.

Many of the events that involve him directly may or may not count canonically, since there’s alternate timeline interventions as well, but based on the main story, he’s only stepped in about six times directly, otherwise he has Raven take care of things for him.

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. . .

Based on what was said earlier it may be a while before the next roster update once this game is released.

Still, it’s fun to think about who they might add to the roster next.

So far Bedman, Ramlethal, and a person named “El” have been introduced… I’m expecting at least one more new face (since GG tradition tends to give us 4 completely new characters with each iteration, they’ve kept that tradition since GGX).

Sin is a welcome returning character of course, but to anyone who isn’t familiar with him in GG2, you can bet he’ll have plenty of surprises in store.

But, based on what they also said… they’re planning to close the book on Guilty Gear eventually, so we’ll probably get to see some older faces as well.

Please, if you’re any sort of serious fan of this series, do buy the game no matter if it has your favorite characters or not. ARC System Works needs your support more than ever now!

The more people support them, the better the roster will grow as things progress, I guarantee it!

So, whether you like Jam, Baiken, A.B.A., Dizzy, Bridget, or whomever… just be patient, they’ll come soon enough.

As for myself, I’m looking forward to:

—Justice (in whatever incarnation she takes, lol Justice Copies)
—Raven (definitely looking forward to fighting as an IMMORTAL)
—Testament (it’s been a while but I hope he has a nice showing, he was always great)
—“That Man” (oh yeah definitely looking forward to playing AS HIM
*pewpew laser sounds*)

…and maybe someday Fanny, Mizuha, and Tyr will make the cut?

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Q: can you translate in game speech of taunt, winning pose, moves, etc. of Sol please?

Obviously I can’t do Guilty Gear Xrd’s quotes just yet but I think perhaps this will tide you over until that game comes out with English dubs.

Though I haven’t done a comprehensive translation of all of GG2 Overture’s stories, I’m still working on getting time to do them (since Valentine, Paradigm, and Izuna still need doing among others that should be made more accessible yet, like the novels).

Still, you can find all the stuff I’ve done so far over here (I recommend downloading it directly since that site doesn’t seem to like displaying raw text files).

For everything else, read my Links and FAQ.

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Q: "Zato=ONE" is merely a pseudonym of sorts, right? I really can't see that being the actual name of...well, anyone really.

It’s a stylish way of saying Zatōichi (座頭市).

It literally means “Head Leader Number ONE”, so it’s actually something of a title he probably came up with for himself as Leader of the Assassins (he was an orphan to begin with though, so it’s possible he didn’t have a name at first).

It originates from the story of a blind gambler who wandered the country but was in fact a highly skilled swordsman with a very powerful sense of hearing (he was also a freelance Yakuza for hire and entertainer among other things).

Of course, Zato is also blind (in case it’s not obvious), so the name is doubly fitting of him.

Also, since we’re on the topic: Zato’s name has been listed two ways officially throughout the series but both are technically still correct:


(I use the former because that’s the earliest form of his name and it looks cooler).

You can look up his Japanese name over here too.

Don’t get me started on the similarities in ambition between him and Naruto as far as “Leadership” goes…

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Q: Aside from the destruction of Japan, how much damage did the world sustain from the Gear war?

2187 is the current year so a lot has changed since the Crusades ended with the sealing of Justice in 2175.

Starting with the American continents, they have begun to rebuild, particularly with Neo New York (as old New York was completely destroyed, they just finished transplanting the Statue of Liberty there apparently, since it was still a part of the rubble of buildings in 2180).

The Devil’s Forest has been confirmed to be located somewhere in America, though the exact location is unknown. It’s still an ancient ruin garden in a forest built by unknown hands… (possibly located near a Gear Plant). Kliff Undersn’s grave was buried near here as a memorial to him and the men who died under him during the Great War. Since the incident with Dizzy in 2181 a peaceful village exists there with people who eagerly welcome visits from the Jellyfish Pirates who kindly split their bounties with the poor people.

Most Underground Gear Plants were apparently either sealed off and Gears rounded up and sealed away, but some Gears managed to escape to Ganymede Island (such as Dr. Paradigm, though the exact location of the island is uknown). It was confirmed however that Paradigm came from a Gear Plant in Ohio.

Much of the History of the Gears seems to be traced to America, but more information and the true story behind their revolt remain untold.

Much of America is still undergoing reconstruction from the damage the Gears did, and also political reform since it was discovered the Assassins Organization had plans to set up a puppet president there (this incident was thwarted by Zepp and Chipp Zanuff). …Also, rumor has it Chipp is trying to set up his new “Chipp Country” somewhere in this region.

RIOT Brand Clothing (along with Oath) were established here in America, in a place called Garnetcrow back in 2012.

Western Europe
At the end of the Crusades several villages and kingdoms were built on the remains of areas destroyed by Gears… The reasons were both sentimental and a need to research what has happened there over the years, though organizations such as the International Police Force are trying to seal off ancient ruins to prevent biological research.

Two such places in particular are Calronia and Villtania (particularly the island of Isene), both of which have recently dealt with conspiratorial incidents with Assassins and Gear Biological Experimentation. Blackard Company was supposedly headquartered in this region of Europe as well.

London intially had segments of its survivors rebuild upon the remains of a Sealed Gear named the Hydra (though they were probably unaware of that fact). Fortunately Hydra was destroyed before it could break its own seal, but as a result the former village became a dead zone (due to an anti-Gear satellite) and can no longer be inhabited for many years to come.

Eventually London slowly got rebuilt along with neighboring Scotland. Eventually these places became Edinburgh Magica Polis and are possibly associated with the Federation of Witches in Eastern Tioria.

Though his home is Transylvania, Slayer recently established a Mansion in London which he calls “Villa Vampir”.

It’s currently unknown if the old church in Paris (France) where Ky and Sol used to spar even exists anymore, since it has long since been condemned. France’s neighbor Spain (in Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia) was once home and the birthplace of Zato=ONE, former Leader of the Assassins. Many orphans from the war were raised to become assassins in this region. The Frasco Mansion where A.B.A. was created is also possibly located here.

Apparently both Kliff and Testament were born in Switzerland, while Raven was born in Germany over 900 years ago.

Middle East
Italy has recently begun to prosper after uniting several “politically demolished” neighboring nations and island districts to form the Allied Kingdom of Illyria with Ky Kiske as its currently elected ruler who presides in the Royal Court in Illyria, Albania. Illyria somehow prospers due to ancient ruin site digs such as in nearby Bel Canto Valley, where Gear Fossils are found and sold for profit.

The Senato are also headquartered here, though they operate in secret, they answer to the Holy Pope in Rome, though the details regarding their connections with the United Nations and other world organizations are unknown.

Rome is a hub of prosperity and commerce now (despite once having been completely invaded by the Gear army and destroyed), but has recently established a combatant arena for Bounty Hunters and eager Warriors and former Knights to test their mettle. It also managed to preserve some of it’s old culture in the form of the ancient Opera Houses in nearby Athens, Greece (which seem to be owned and operated by the Assassins Organization).

A little west of Italy on the Island of Sardinia in Cagliari, Faust is currently taking temporary residence there.  Cagliari is supposedly known for its Music-themed buildings and musicians.

Far far south, deep in the Congo Jungle of Africa lies Dragonica Falls… the remains of an ancient Gear battle. Africa’s history with the Gears has yet to be told, but it’s clear they made their presence known even there and turned it in to a Graveyard Battlefield.

Russian-Asian Continent
A little East of Italy and its Illyrian Kingdom in Albania lies Israel and further East, Iraq. In the City of Babylon, its people have begun to enjoy prosperity and peace since the War ended, with its people blissfully unaware of the grim future that awaits…

North East of Babylon lies the vast Himalayan Mountains in Tibet… though at first glance this inhospitable environment would look to be no place for humans OR Gears… The Japanese Dimensional Colony was sealed here, and continues to thrive under an invisible barrier that can only be lifted by certain token medallions. The Japanese are said to be national treasures as they were almost completely wiped out by the Gears when Japan was destroyed approximately 100 years ago (around or before the year 2087). The artificial environments created via Magic keep the Colony stable, though the people who live there feel like they live in a zoo rather than a village.

Further North and East lies the Siberian Federal District of Russia. Russia has somehow managed to tolerate the Gears and has since cooperated with the Republic of Zepp (reformed Garrison State Airship Empire) to build a Zepp Center Arsenal, which Zepp seems to be building in preparation for a potential war. The fortress seems to be much more advanced than any other nations’ current technologies, so it is clearly all of Zepp’s doing.

It was unfortunate but many places, including Millia Rage’s village were burned to the ground by Gears during the Crusades in Russia.

Meanwhile, China and India have somehow managed to pass on their cultures and traditions despite the Gears’ destruction as Chinese Doctors and Martial Artists have been sought out throughout the world.

Pacific Ocean
Far South is Australia, who seems to have prospered despite the Gears and brought foreign exchange students to various schools around the world (one such student being Zappa, though he has had issues).

A little north of that is the East China Sea where Mayship II (and it’s Jellyfish Crew) are temporarily stationed in secret.

Still north is the vast Crater ruin where the Islands of Japan once existed… now just a dry hole in the sea that drains in water… this desolate place is where Ramlethal Valentine has declared War on Humanity.

Further East In the South Pacific, along the Equator and West of Mexico and South America is apparently a hidden dimension known as the Nightmare Theater, a Vile Vortex (similar to the Bermuda Triangle) where Bedman tortures his victims (it seems to be an extension of the Backyard, so it’s not confirmed if this place actually exists or not, just that it’s location is ‘currently’ in this area).

Antarctica / Blockaded Zones / The Backyard
There are very few places in the world that Gears have not touched, as even the uninhabited Antarctic Ice Shelf is home to one such Gear named Leopaldon (though he is kind in nature and rescues anyone lost in the drift and whiteout blizzards there).

It is because the Gears and other magical creatures roam the wild No Man’s Lands of the world that Bounty Hunters maintain a lucrative business of ending dangerous threats to humankind, both human and biological nightmares like Gig.

Beyond this tangible world lies the Underworld and its layers peeled back like some complex dimensional onion… till at last there lies the Backyard. The source of Gear Power, as well as home to dangerous residents like the King of the Underworld named Gig (including friendly spirit creatures like Izuna who also live there as “Residents”).


Humans and Gears have both just barely survived the Great War… but did that war truly end? Things have only just begun!

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