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There’s a really cool official art image of Sol with a broken head guard from GGTML I want to find but is impossible to track down in a decent quality size.

I wonder if anyone might know where it would be?

I’ve only seen the trading cards from GGX Drafting Artworks book, but I’d like full-detailed versions of those artworks (not the cards themselves but real, clean GG1 era artwork).

Any art-book sleuths out there know if they exist?  Did Daisuke ever release them?

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Dr. Faust: Bio & Trivia


"I do this not as a doctor, but as a man.
I cannot turn a blind eye to the spreading of suffering and death.”


Height: 9’3” (Assumed)
Weight: 121 lbs. (Assumed)
Blood Type: Unknown (Possibly O)
Birthplace: Unknown (Possibly China)
Birthday: Unknown (Celebrated August 21st)
Eye Color: Fluorescent (Assumed, may actually be Black)
Hobbies: Unknown (Seems to like Performing elaborate operations)
Favorite Thing: Unknown (Probably his gigantic six-foot ‘scalpel’)
Dislikes: Unknown (Seems to dislike Cancerous cells)
Weapon: Gigantic Precision-Cutting Scalpel Tool “Margarita”
[Kyodai mesu no Marukari futoshi / 巨大メスの丸刈太: マルガリータ]

==Story (GG)==

He was regarded as the finest physician in more than a hundred years.

With a gentle personality and deft surgical skill, the doctor was respected throughout the world. One day, however, a girl under his care died mysteriously during surgery.

Some said the girl’s death was orchestrated by jealous colleagues, but the shock drove the doctor mad. He embarked on a violent serial-killing spree and murdered an untold number of people before finally being captured…

==Story (Pre-GGX)==

<Unofficial Summary>

The Doctor saw many people cheering over the death of Justice as though they had just been saved.

The tournament had ended and the Mad Doctor had survived… but…

He recalled the memories of the death of a girl he was unable to save, and her cheerful voice haunted him.

The blood-thirsty madness that had overtaken him disappeared as though it were just a brief reverie.

He could not face those people with their happy faces. He resolved to atone for his sins then and there, but he knew he could never make up for the lives he took.

And so he disappeared and went on a journey, and donned a paper bag mask in shame.

Though he loathed himself, he chose to use his talents in secret to heal those in need, until he could find his true purpose.

His journey would take him to an old village where a Gear was said to have been sealed… he heard rumors of a certain drug that could cure ailments there… perhaps he had much to learn yet…

==Story (GGX)==

Faust was once a good man and a great surgeon - one of the best in the world.

After committing a simple mistake that cost a young female patient her life, his mind broke and he went on a murderous rampage. He was captured and sent to a Dimensional Prison after taking the lives of scores of innocent people using the most indescribable of means.
The previous Tournament gave him a second lease on life, and now he has returned to his former self.

Wishing to punish himself for his past, Faust resolved to take his own life. Not only would this act finally atone for his sins, but he realized it was the only way he would be able to escape the painful feelings that haunted him day and night.

But just as he was about to end it all, Faust learned that the young girl’s death so long ago was no accident, but rather a cold-blooded murder carried out by a third party.

Finally seeing the light, he now sets out on a new journey to discover the truth behind the girl, saving as many lives as he can along the way.

==Story (GGXX)==

<Unofficial Summary>

After hearing the lonely story of a young Half-Gear girl, Faust was inspired to do good for people even despite their pasts.

Though his virtuous ideals seem to get him in to trouble at times, he has decided to continue wandering the world and saving people until he can find the truth of what happened with his own past.

==Story (GGXXACPlus)==

<Unofficial Summary>

He was finally getting close.

A bit of information he’d obtained from an Assassin by the name of Venom pointed him in the direction of the United Nations.

But he knew his journey was far from over, and his hands were no less stained of blood than they ever were.

Still, undeterred, he decides to visit the Founder of the Assassins, Slayer.

==Story (Butterfly and Her Gale)==

<Unofficial Summary»

Though he had not planned on getting involved, a group of the rogue Assassins began to attack a young President named Erica.

She was wounded and needed medical attention immediately!

==Story (GGXrd)==

A dark doctor who wanders all over the world, charitably helping people who are sick or in trouble.

He was once known as a great doctor, but a certain medical error turned him into a serial killer.

Regretting his behavior, he now seeks atonement through countless good deeds, but still hides his true face beneath a paper bag of guilt. Though he’s often misunderstood due to his strange appearance and behavior, he’s actually a sensible man.

Knowing that the medical error he made in the past was actually orchestrated by someone, he has set off in pursuit of the truth.

==Personality Profile (GGXrd)==

His mannerisms and speech do not click together logically, though he has a pet philosophy which he likes to admonish on the advancements of human evolution.

Faust has not completely recovered from his deranged mental breakdown, as there are some after-effects, but his personality has calmed down quite a lot since his recovery.

Though his incoherent speech and behavior still need work, he has a gentle heart which is rich in compassion.

==Move List==
"Re-re-re" Stretching Thrust [Re-re-re no Tsuki]
->Pull Back [Biki Modoshi]
Scalpel Centrifuge Chaotic Dance [Souten Enshin Ranbu]
->Move Forward
->Move Backward
->Micro Jump [Kyokusho Jump]
->Taste this! [Ajimi!]
->Growing Flower
->See? I’m a flower! [Hana Daro? Ore Hana Daro?]
->Going My Way!? (Derivative) [Going My Way!? (Haseiban)]
->Doctor-copter [Isha-copter]
->Cancel [Kaijo]
->What’s coming out next~? (Derivative)
[Nani ga Deru ka na~? (Haseiban)]
Love [Ai] *Bag Head Bomb*
Shower Hack [Mettagiri]
What’s coming out next~? [Nani ga Deru ka na~?]
In Your Face! [Mae kara ikimasu yo!]
Watch your Back! [Ushiro kara Ikimasu yo!]
Look out below! [Ue kara Ikimasu yo!]
———————————Force Breaks/EX Force Breaks
Sudden HELLO! [Ikinari OISSU!]
Super “Re-re-re” Stretching Thrust! [Chou Re-re-re no Tsuki!]
It’s a wonderful view from here~! [Koko kara ga mido koro desu yo~!]
Loyal Viewer Fan Service! [Shichousha Zen’in Sa^bisuu!]
———————————Overdrive/Chaos Attack
Wha-wha-wha-what’s Coming out Next?!
[Na-na-na-Nani ga deru ka na?!]
Destructive “Stimulation” Edge
[Shigekiteki Zetsumei Ken] (Gamble Attack)
->Shuffle Time
Neo Scalpel Centrifuge Chaotic Dance
[Shin Souten Enshin Ranbu] (EX)
Mad Operation (GG)
———————————Instant Kill
Peaceful Death from Above [Shouten Raku Goku] (GG)
This weeks’ CLIMAX! [Konshuu no YAMABA!] (GGX - GGXXAC+)
This is me!? [Kore ga watashi!?] (GGXrd)

—-Although the story is pretty blatant about stating that Faust is in fact Dr. Baldhead, he doesn’t like to refer to himself as such and even smacks Venom for almost saying it! Interestingly enough, his bio information somewhat conflicts with that of Dr. Baldhead’s depending on the source (I’ve listed both here for convenience).
—-Venom has tried to recruit Faust for his abilities in to the Assassins organization (though Faust has declined and even escaped him). It was because Venom was pursuing Faust that the events leading to Dizzy’s discovery in America were triggered in Guilty Gear X.
—-In GGXrd, Zato=ONE admits to Faust that he was the one responsible for the botched surgery on the little girl in Faust’s care. Faust is especially angry about this, but is actually willing to hear Zato’s side of the story, which is quite telling about Faust’s kind character, though the exact nature and full story behind the conspiracy that involved the Assassins hasn’t been told yet and has something to do with the Senato and Faust’s “Resurrection Technique” which he meant to develop to save the little girl he was so fond of (which ended up reviving Zato instead).
—-Ironic also that Faust is seemingly fast friends with Slayer, who was the Founder of the Assassins. Faust does find his meddling and ‘violent methods of greeting’ to be annoying though.
—-Fanny who was a Nurse Assistant to Faust went searching for him when he went missing after he went insane as Dr. Baldhead (during Guilty Gear Petit). Her movelist is essentially identical in form to his old GG fighting style, only she uses a giant injection needle instead (which she inherited from her mother who was a famous nurse as well)!
—-It’s a running gag that Ky keeps asking Faust “Have we met before?” because he remembers Faust’s fighting style and stance from the first game.
—-Faust’s ‘pet philosophy on human evolution’ even involves human modification. It’s implied that he’s done surgeries on himself to improve his body’s functionality, though the exact nature of the surgeries is unknown.
—-Faust has done nearly impossible things in alternate routes of Guilty Gear’s story: extracting Eddie from Zato’s body and taking the parasite in to himself, and even removing S-ko from Zappa’s body! Of course, those events didn’t really happen, but they could have!? Eddie once remarked that he tried to take over Faust’s body but Faust’s cellular structure rejected his cells.
—-Faust also has a strange ability to teleport and warp space around him… how he came to gain these powers is also unknown, but the Post-War Administration Bureau claims it reminds them of a project of theirs in the past. Interestingly enough, Faust had a teleportation battle with Raven and somehow lost, so he has much to learn.
—-Faust’s medical exploits have done everything from save a girl from becoming a Gear, making a girl able to see, saving an injured President, and more… he seems to have an extensive knowledge of Gear and Forbidden Beast anatomy and is trying to find a cure for Millia’s hair-bind curse Angra.
—-It was thanks to Testament’s desire for revenge against humanity that he gave Faust his huge scalpel (in the first Guilty Gear, prior to the tournament), though the two have never spoken about the subject ever since. Though Faust admits that his ability to summon creatures and teleport are not unlike Testament’s abilities, though he boasts to be more precise in skill with them.
—-Little known Fact: Faust’s CV: Takashi Kondou was the “distorted” system voice announcer for Guilty Gear X. He also voices Potemkin and other miscellaneous male voices throughout the series (even the Drama CDs). As a tribute to Takashi’s work with other characters, Faust even summons a “Mini Potemkin / Mini Robo-Ky” as one of his random items at times.

—-Faust probably gets his name from the Norwegian drummer Bård Guldvik “Faust” Eithun of the band Emperor, known for Black, Thrash, Progressive, and Death Metal.
—-Faust’s design is likely based on the Unknown Comic who made random appearances on the Gong Show.
—-Faust’s story is based on Goethe’s Heinrich Faust who made a deal with the Devil in exchange for true happiness.
—-Black Sabbath did a song called “Rock’n’Roll Doctor”.
—-Frank Zappa did a song called “G-Spot Tornado”, kinda hard not to consider that one a reference to Faust!
—-“Going My Way” is a musical comedy-drama film directed by Leo McCarey back in 1944. Particularly notable because the film was presented to the Vatican Pope Pius XII after World War II.
—-“Oissu! Koe ga Chiisai! Mou Icchou: OISSU!” is a Japanese encouragement chant used by employees of various merchant shops to psyche themselves up during a workday. They basically say “HELLO!” nice and loud with a bright smile on their face to encourage the customer to buy something! So next time you want to boost your morale at work just get people to say “HELLO! I can’t hear you! HELLO!!! Let’s work with ENTHUSIASM today!” This chant was actually featured in an old anime episode of Hand Maid May.
—-Faust often appears floating downwards with an umbrella which is a reference to the old Disney Musical “Marry Poppins”.
—-Faust’s burst animation has markings similar to Kenshiro’s chest scars in Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken), only his are in the shape of his Bag Head!
—-It’s implied that Faust’s surgical skill is nearly unrivalled and considered “The Hands of God”, May even states at one point “You aren’t a God!” to lampshade this reference to the Anime and Manga series by Osamu Tezuka titled “Black Jack” about a scarred mercenary surgeon who works within the underworld and operates by his own moral code, not unlike Faust!
—-It’s a gag reference to Medical TV dramas like E.R. when Faust says “I’m sorry but there’s no cure.” in a serious voice. He even references Game TV shows in his quotes, such as “Who wants to be a Millionaire” (Is that your Final Answer?).

Operation Complete! This bio was a success~!

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Daisuke IshiwatariD-A-M-E (SORRY!) (Potemkin/Baldhead's Ending Theme)
  • 32 Plays

Happy Birthday Dr. Faust (August 21st)!

I nearly forgot, and so I’m… ‘SORRY’! (Get it?)

(This is one of my favorite GG themes by the way!)

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Q: Is I-no technically good hearted or still evil ? She wants to save her timeline and, therefore, save many peoples from it but, she is insulting, hurts others and nearly killed Sol (and killed him in an alternate time line) and she serves That Man (which is ambigiously evil). So, is she like, Chaotic Neutral or something like th

Based on those standards, I-No is Chaotic Evil.

Ky Kiske (whom we all know to be a Genius Strategist and a good estimator of human character) has described I-No as a "master of confrontation".  Ky himself has stated he would never let his guard down around I-No.

I-No does what she wants because it suits her purposes and only her purposes. If “That Man” no longer served her purpose she’d betray him as easily as anyone else (and she did try to avoid him for a short while), despite the fact she calls “That Man” a “savior” instead of the “criminal who caused the Crusades” Axl Low initially thinks him to be..

In fact, Axl even asks I-No if “That Man” knows half of what she knows and her reply is something along the lines of ‘He has questions he’d like answered too’ (which is information she isn’t giving him).

It’s clear that I-No has her own agenda over anything else. Her desire to change the future probably has something to do with Babylon itself and perhaps it’s the same thing that the Senato are after as well

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Q: Other than having seen through her once, what else is I-No's beef with Sol?

I-No believes that everyone has a role to play on her “stage”, a fated purpose you might say.

Based on Axl Low’s and her own Arcade Endings in Guilty Gear Xrd, it’s clear that the future she comes from is not all that bright, but a dull drab apocalyptic “grey” existence (the year 2192, five years after Ramlethal destroyed Babylon).

She wants to escape that future and change it, but to do that she’s had to pull some drastic measures.

The first time she interfered with the timestream was back in the year 2173 by ‘allowing’ a village to get attacked by a Toxic Class Gear to get the Sacred Order’s attention and make her seem like a fraudulent ‘damsel in distress’.

She ended up making a secret deal with Ky Kiske (though only he knew what she had asked for at the time), but she had no intentions of keeping her end of the bargain (which we assume was to fight alongside the Sacred Order during an important battle in Rome).

She was supposed to assist Ky in battle and locate any survivors in Rome but she walked away from the battlefield just as Ky was trying to retreat. Ky, being his loyal self, refused to retreat until he found I-No, but she was never found and he was killed by a giant Gear.

Initially she just thought that playing around with the Sacred Order of Holy Knights would change “her future”, but that ended with the death of Ky Kiske and an even worse future than she wanted.

So, in order to fix things and figure out what went wrong, she set out to find “That Man” (the Gearmaker) in the year 2183 (10 years after Ky’s death).

She learned that a certain crazy Dr. Baldhead (who never fully recovered his sanity) had attacked a group of the Sacred Order’s Intel scouts for information on the whereabouts of Dizzy’s main force and had also learned of “That Man’s” location as well.

She was able to locate the Gearmaker after killing Dr. Baldhead, and retrieve the information, but she thought about causing some trouble with the Sacred Order and offered only part of the intel to them (namely only Dizzy’s location and not “That Man’s”).

Since the death of Justice never ended the war, instead the Command Type Gear Dizzy took control of the remnant of Gears. Sol Badguy was the new Head Commander in place of Kliff Undersn (who we also assume died during the war that had not ended).

Sol was a bit more haggard than he’d ever been in previous years of taking leadership, so he was unable to catch I-No, despite the information she’d given him as a ‘gift’.

So, in secret, without any of the Gears or Sacred Order knowing, she met with the Gearmaker.

*Somewhere underground within the Gear Plant*

I-No: "Looks like everything’s started above. And now nobody’s here… I heard he was here… oh, over there?"

That Man: "Dizzy?"

I-No: "I’m a human, you know, human. I wanted to see you… don’t move…"

*I-No undoes the chains that bind him*

That Man: "It seems I must thank you."

I-No: "Huh, being the stoneface, huh. Despite being the revolutionary…"

That Man: "What do you know?"

I-No: "I was hoping for more… the twisted creator of this lovely world. The man who created Gears. I thought you’d be living like a king here. To think that you’re here as a prisoner… the dog bit the hand that fed it, I see?"

That Man: "I have no power to control Gears. Everything is going not to plan."

I-No: "Huh, what a boring guy…"

That Man: "This world is not what I wished for. This world is not what I created Gears for."

I-No: "Spare me the crybaby talk! Huh… and that’s it, huh."

That Man: "Why did you come here?"

I-No: "I got bored. Bored of this world… thought I’d meet you and make it Game Over…"

That Man: "Game Over? Congratulations on the Ending? What are you aiming for?"

I-No: "It should be obvious: Recreation! Recreation. This is a stage… there’s such a thing called a role. Trash should be stepped on like trash… and those with ‘Power’ bathe in the spotlight, burning. Come now, everyone… the show is about to begin!"

That Man: "Hm?"


*The two listen in on the staged ‘Game Over Battle' above.*

I-No: "Whoa, amazing!"

That Man: "It’s unprotected… the HOPE of the world… is fading."

I-No: "Huh… so where’s that glorious ‘Hope’?"

That Man: Fate was against me. So is this the ‘will of God’? Perhaps the world will be ‘saved’ after all.”

I-No: "The will of god? You talking about the survival of the fittest?"

That Man: It’s nothing as good-sounding as that. Survival of the fittest is no more than a realization. I believed that this ugly future was all that we could offer up to God.”

I-No: "Haha! Sounds great… you’re interesting after all. I’ll fix it up for you. But, the stage has to be flashier."

That Man: "What are you saying?"

I-No: "It’s troublesome so I can’t do it very often, but I can change the the past."

That Man: "Violate causality? Don’t joke. It’s impossible to create such a paradox on an individual observable level."

I-No: I don’t bother with the theory. Just you watch…”

That Man: "This is… this power is… Temporal Change!"

I-No: "See you later, be back soon!"

I-No travels 10 years backwards in time to the year 2173 to just prior to Ky Kiske’s death. “That Man’s” idea of HOPE rested with Ky. A world where Humans and Gears could work together and survive against ‘God’ and perhaps overcome their own twisted fates.

She destroys the Gear that threatened Ky’s life, to a shocked Ky’s surprise. Then she causes him to ‘forget’ the event and makes it look like he somehow managed to win the battle on his own.

Because Ky accepted this as his present, the ‘paradox’ became ‘reality’, and the future proceeded. This time, Ky was the survivor, and Sol was able to recover him for the next phase of the Crusades.

Two years later, Justice is sealed away by the Sacred Order instead of being killed. And, instead of being completely dismantled, many of the Gears somehow gain a conscience and escape to parts unknown, it is known that Testament was the first Gear to gain autonomous thought when Justice was sealed, but he had plans to get revenge against humanity, which would not happen for another five years.

I-No, meanwhile, returns to “That Man” and swears her loyalty to him, stating that she will do all she can to see to it that his ‘plan for the future’ will come in to existence.

Although she once tried to catch Dizzy and even destroy Sol whom she thought were just “getting in the way” of the Gearmaker’s plans, she was punished by “That Man” temporarily for her actions, and later sent on a secret mission, which ultimately sends her back to her own time in 2192.

Part of her mission meant confronting Ramlethal Valentine in 2187, but her initial attempts to destroy Ramlethal Valentine have not caused the timeline to change at all, even though she is fully capable of destroying Ramlethal.

Instead, she claims she has to rely on Sol Badguy to do the job and fix the past for her, much to her annoyance, though Sol isn’t the type to listen to people who tried to kill him in the past.

She summons him and briefly shows him the reason his world got destroyed by Ramlethal (though it’s unclear what exactly that reason is, nor does Sol in particular show any understanding of what he’s looking at when they talk about it). I-No basically drops Sol a few “hints” on what to do in his own timeline, then sends him back there… then, a few minutes later…

Axl Low somehow ends up nearly cornered by Bedman in the year 2187 in his “Nightmare Theater” (a place that seems to be somehow linked to the Backyard). Axl was also somehow able to contact the “Original Man” who has a message for the Gearmaker, and it was part of Bedman’s objectives to prevent that message from being sent.

I-No uses her powers to extract Axl from the Nightmare Theater, saving his life, and learning that he can no longer time travel… he states he has a message to give to “That Man” and although she doesn’t trust him and is initially hostile towards him, she catches wind of the source of the message and sees it as a ‘sign’ that the timeline is undergoing a change.

Instead of sending him back to his home time of 1998 (because she isn’t sure what would happen if she did that), I-No sends Axl in to a place and time known as the Integral Point.

The exact time and location (not to mention purpose) of this Integral Point is unknown, but it seems I-No can send and summon beings to and from it at will more extensively than her powers allowed her to affect the past.

For now, I-No simply wants to change her own future and make a brighter world, whether it’s by Sol’s hand (which she finds disgusting as she thinks all Gears are failures) or “That Man’s”.  

She will use any means necessary to change that drab ‘boring’ future she lives in, no matter the cost or consequence.

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Misconceptions and Guilty Gear Redux

Just a warning but these are just mostly facts (contradictory or otherwise) from the game’s story so far so don’t be too shocked or heart broken (or confused for that matter), despite what ships and OTPs exist out there…

Read More

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Q: I've read (don't remember where) that Daisuke Ishiwatari states that one of his inspiration for GG was the movie The Storm Riders, based on a manhua. this movie it's a wuxia, with obviously a lot of chinese heroes, swords and fights. I've watched it and I don't see how that movie can influenced our beloved creator of GG. just one thing..one of the fighting techniques of a characther in the movie looks like Tenjinkyaku of Anji Mito

I can’t say I’ve seen it, but it looks interesting.

Daisuke has also admitted to being a fan of Bastard!!, which is probably a bigger source of his inspiration.

I’m also told Anji Mito had quite a few references to Giant Robo (not to mention Slayer).

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Q: So they won't add more characters due to a small team and a new engine? Oh well can't wait for another Guilty Gear Xrd game after sign...

So this game isn’t big enough for you?  And after we waited a good 6 years for a new Guilty Gear (since 2008 if memory serves), talk about ungrateful!

But seriously, just play it, the more we invest in GG as a franchise, the more content we’ll likely see.  Daisuke was on a  budget (most likely from the profits made from BlazBlue titles) so it’s expected they’d have limited resources.  It’s amazing what they’ve done so far from a technical standpoint.

As my tag states: “GG Fans should stop complaining!”

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Q: I saw new screenshots of GGXrd story mode where a new character, a pink hair girl with a weird white dress appears. In one screenshot, Sin is defending her from Sol or something like that. What are your thoughts about her?. Could she be a 3rd Valentine?, the informant Ky talked about? or Both?. Her dress is Valentine-like stuff, especially that tiara.

All in due time.

Remember, the original Valentine had feelings for Sin for some unknown reason (probably related to his status of bearing the genetic “key” of Justice).

I can’t say that’s the same reason he’s protecting “El”, but it could be more complicated since, as Izuna already pointed out in GG2, there are many residents of the Backyard, and not all of them are malevolent.

We’ll figure this out eventually.

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New images of Story Mode, featuring the character nicknamed “El” whom Sin seems to be protecting for reasons unknown.  Sin also seems to be on friendly terms with Ramlethal Valentine!? (I won’t add a tag for the new character until we get her full name).

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

(Images courtesy of 4Gamer.net)

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