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July 12th, 2014 at Club Citta, ARC System Works is announcing another Guilty Gear x BlazBlue Music Live after the success of the previous 2011 Concert and “closed curtain” ARCFes concert event.
Advanced tickets and other information can be found here.

July 12th, 2014 at Club Citta, ARC System Works is announcing another Guilty Gear x BlazBlue Music Live after the success of the previous 2011 Concert and “closed curtain” ARCFes concert event.

Advanced tickets and other information can be found here.

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Q: I know this question may not have an answer to it but i always wondered if Sol would ever be able to take off the limiter. He has to wear it for the rest of his life? It would have been easier if he had the limiter to be this small chip that can be injected then wearing it could be an option. Not that it looks stupid but I know it has to be annoying. like wearing a small bumper on your head.

Sol can go without his Head Guard, it’s just he won’t look very human if he uses his powers (not to mention his Gear Seal is pretty visible without it).

Unlike Dizzy, Justice, or Testament who have the ability to shape-shift and maintain a human form on their own (though difficult to control, can be done), Sol is the Prototype Gear, which means he has no full control over his constantly growing powers. In other words, unlike Gears that were manufactured and mass produced, his powers probably weren’t as regulated or contained by his body’s physical limits, and more along the lines of being in an “experimental phase”. (Since they were probably still testing the capabilities of a Gear at the time they converted him in to one when he escaped from the lab).

As Raven said after Sol fought with “That Man”, Sol’s Dragon Install is encroaching. That means it’s growing and evolving even now after 171 years of development.

In a small way, Sin is in a similar situation regarding his Eye patch. Just as Sol loses most of his humanity if his ‘limiter’ is removed, Sin’s power multiplies by leaps and bounds if the patch is removed.

The exact nature of Sin’s patch and its construction aren’t fully explained, but according to Sin it’s absolutely taboo to take it off. He claims to see some ‘nightmarish vision’ in that eye, and has some kind of powerful telekinetic-like abilities when taking it off.

Granted, Sin will still “look human” for the most part, but he has a harder time controlling his abilities without it.

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Daisuke IshiwatariWrithe in Pain (Millia Rage)
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Happy Birthday, Millia Rage (April 20th)!

As an Assassin, you’ve learned the value of Life growing up on the burning battlefields of the Great War. 

So why not celebrate the beginnings and value of your own life?

And what better day to start celebrating that new life than on Easter!

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Q: what are your thoughts about Sol's new weapon in Xrd and how the bullet thing could work?

Answered this question already.

Please do read my blog more often!

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Q: Any idea on why the Crusades hasn't been explored more, despite being a crucial part of the series' backstory? With the players involved, its long duration, and what little we know about the event outside of drama CDs and flashbacks, the Crusades (and the alternate future caused by I-No's meddling during the Battle of Rome) could be the perfect backdrop for a H&S spin-off using a modified version of Overture's gameplay mechanics. (But no one would play that because it's not a fighter.)

It’s definitely something I’ve talked about in the past, though a few bits of the Novels, Manga, and Drama CDs have touched upon it, they didn’t exactly cover every detail of what we currently know.

About all I can state is that the conflict started with “That Man” and Justice’ rebellion against mankind and (supposedly) the destruction of Japan.

From there, things escalated out of hand.

2073 - 2175 is about the time frame that all these events took place, ultimately concluding with Justice’ death in 2180 (5 years later).

If you’re looking at Alternate Timeline events, the Great War lasted even longer 2073 - 2183 (roughly).

According to I-No, regardless of the Timeline, Babylon (the city) would inevitably be destroyed in 2187 by Ramlethal Valentine, seemingly marking the start of an even bigger war for mankind’s survival.

Supposedly I-No has tried several methods to change this outcome but has been unable to change the end result (even if this change in the timeline where Ky Kiske and Dizzy are both still alive with Sin being born seems to be the current “best” outcome).

When “That Man” refers to an "unprotected future" (a future without Gears and Mankind working together) it is likely referring to Ramlethal (and presumably her army) as a threat.

All of this apparently has ties to the “Original Man” (the Sage who discovered the Backyard in the year 2010, and by extension Magic Energy), the Senato (possibly related to the Post-War Administration Bureau), and Babylon’s connection to something called "The Cradle"… and of course the book “Original Man” wrote, called the "Sage’s Testament".

I’m painting in broad strokes here, but there is a lot of things that are likely going to make more sense in the next story when things are brought together.

The Crusades themselves have a lot of untold history that either got burried in rubble or got sealed away in what Ky Kiske calls “Blockaded Zones” (No-Man’s Land). Suffice to say that mankind’s technological advances were halted for a number of years after this period of conflict (though Zepp has tried to preserve some of it, not everything remained intact).

This is about as good a summary of those events I can give you (beyond what I’ve already stated).

It would be nice if they covered more of it (through other games / materials), but it probably won’t be revealed until much later when more pertinent story information surfaces.

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Q: What are your thoughts on ArcSys working on a BloodRayne game?

Now what did I say about making assumptions?

It’s too soon to know anything. I believe we still have till the 23rd before they make the announcement (5 days from now).

Just because some news webpage assumes something ARC did as a teaser has anything to do with BloodRayne doesn’t make it so even if the teaser implies a lot and the appearance might seem familiar/similar to some.

I’d wait if I were you.

Edit: And even if it did actually turn out to be a BloodRayne game, that doesn’t really concern me on this blog (this is a Guilty Gear Blog remember).

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Q: Do you know what real life swords, if any, the Thunderseal and Magnolia Eclair are based on?

First, let’s start by analyzing Ky’s fighting style:

It’s not too big a stretch that Ky would be educated in the French School of Fencing (which has its origins in Italy), though he uses a traditional Fencing stance, he uses swords that are much larger than what one would typically see for his fighting style (normally his fencing style would use a traditional Épée or Estoc, meant for thrusting and piercing).

Typically Ky wields a double-edged blade, this has been true of his training with Kliff Undersn (his sword-master, who hails from Switzerland), when he obtained the Thundersealed Sword, and even when he used the Aquila and finally got the Magnolia Eclair II as a birthday gift.

His sword (and by extension, sword style) uses both one-handed and two-handed techniques and interchanges between them, so it is a hybrid between a typical Zweihänder/Great Sword, a Long Sword/Claymore, or more specifically a “hand-and-a-half” sword (closer to a double edged ‘bastard sword’ or ‘rapier’). It also falls under the Arming Sword styles of the European Knights of the Crusades (the real world Crusades of the 1200-1300 Centuries or so), the Arming Sword is sometimes used in conjunction with a shield or buckler. In the absence of those, the Arming Sword style uses the empty hand for grabbing or grappling opponents.

Worth noting, though the Aquila was considered an ornamental blade and very large in size, it was hollowed out and not as heavy as its appearance would indicate.

Ky’s swordsmanship is said to have no equal (with exception to his former Sword Master Kliff Undersn and Sol Badguy of course). Ky is probably one of the strongest “human” martial artists in Guilty Gear to date. Sol himself even notes that Ky is one of the rare humans that can actually fight Gears on an even or greater level in terms of combat ability. Ky was also able to push back Justice for a short amount of time during the Crusades, and even prevent any massacres from happening during the 2nd Sacred Order Tournament debacle when Justice was unsealed (though Kliff died of exhaustion during that point in time, their combined efforts protected the people who were involved in the tournament).

Even without a sword (and even having his sword stolen once by Sol Badguy) Ky is a formidable opponent in the Magic Arts (Houjutsu).

It is because Ky dedicates himself to both the Magic Arts and his swordsmanship that he is able to control the OutRage Thundersealed Sword, since Lightning is said to be one of the hardest magics to control.

Ky has even taken on mobs of the Post-War Administration Bureau’s doppelganger “Robo-Kys”, single-handedly. Even after they analyzed his combat data.

It’s been speculated that Ky even injured his right eye while training during a point of depression not long after his son was born, though it’s unclear if that was indeed the case, it was ironically the same eye that his son, Sin wears his eye patch over.

During the Baptism 13 Incident (GG2 Overture), Ky volunteers to assist Dr. Paradigm by disabling his Gear comrades (an entire mob of powerful Gears being controlled by Valentine) all by himself, and is able to successfully allow the Doctor to undo the brainwash on his friends. Ky even fights alongside his son to overcome a mob army of Valentine’s Vizuel soldiers trying to prevent entry in to the Backyard (with the assistance of Ky’s Illyrian Royal Knights of course).

Since then, Ky has continued to refine his skills and has developed the “Durendal Call” system where a powerful series of magic Lightning Swords can be summoned from Thunder “Grinders” that appear during parts of his attacks. Durendal is said to be the famous sword of Roland, a Knight of France, the sword itself having been passed on to King Charlemagne of France many many years ago. It seems Ky inherited the blade (or at least its symbolic essence).

I hope that gives you some insight in to Ky’s history and abilities.

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Be Sure to Support ARCSys

They recently uploaded some tunes to iTunes Store and Amazon.

12:33 pm

Minor Edits

Just did some changes/updates to the Lyrics of a few songs in the “GG+Lyrics” tag.

Be sure to check out my “Lapis+Lazuli” and “Tunage” tag while you’re browsing my blog.

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Q: How do you feel about the general moveset "regression" (for lack of a better word) in Xrd from Accent Core and its revisions to a more vanilla XX/#Reload feel (i.e. no Force Breaks, removal of specials like Sol's Sidewinder and Ky's Lightning Javelin, etc.)? Also, are there any characters you expected to be shoo-ins for Xrd who have not (yet) made the cut?

System-wise, I never liked the Force Roman Cancel system in the first place (strict timing, etc), it felt unnatural in most cases.

So the newly implemented Roman Cancel system opens up a lot of freedom in that regard, making players able to be less predictable in their attacks (since if you think about it, only a select number of moves had a Force Roman Cancel on them, and while the same is true in GGXrd, the “frame space” in which they can be executed isn’t as strict and can be done as early or as late as desired)

Force Breaks on the other hand made the game feel a lot more meter-reliant (which it never was supposed to be). As a Ky Kiske player I can tell you that he relied very heavily on “Stun Raising” for airspace control (not to mention Aerial Stun Edge Charge Attack)… now that he uses a Grinder System, it isn’t as meter-reliant as before and actually gives him even more potential range than before (not just diagonal but horizontal range too). And, really… the Lightning Javellin was more of a screen gimmick, anyway, Ky doesn’t really need it.

Don’t get me wrong, Sol’s classic Tyrant Rave will be missed, but “Fafnir” was never that safe all by itself leading in to Tyrant Rave to begin with, so it was mostly useful for chip damage or the occasional Clean Hit setup.

Sol’s “Clean Hit” system (Sidewinder, Bandit Bringer, Fafnir, Grand Viper, etc.) didn’t always give him the ideal position to be in after a combo (i.e. Okizeme situations, as sometimes the opponent teched in the air). And let’s face it, not everyone can mash all 10 hits out of that Grand Viper, anyway (even if it was safer, it doesn’t have the Dragon Install buff that the current Grand Viper has). Sol’s new Breakdown attack (his divekick) opens up his offense potential a little more now, along with his upgraded 2-hit Riot Stamp… meaning he’s a lot stronger without the previous gimmicks, offensively.

Granted, Force Breaks did have their uses when it came to move enhancements, but then, what was the point of using the regular moves if 25% Tension was so easy to gain in most cases? You might as well be using the enhanced moves all the time. That’s what I mean about “meter reliance”. A lot of characters either needed meter to do damage or didn’t… when it should be that every character should be fully capable of “meterless” damage all on their own (this is how it was in GG and GGX, even GGXX and #Reload).  Defensive Options are improving as well.

I could give you examples regarding I-No and Slayer that would make their ACPlusR forms seem ridiculous compared to what they are now in GGXrd, but going back to “what worked best” seems to be a good idea in this regard. And don’t get me started on how badly they mutilated Justice. All she really needed was to cut back on jumps and airdashes a little… that’s it… she was fine otherwise.

All that aside, ACPlusR is still a great game, I can’t dispute that, but it doesn’t have the open-ended potential that GGXrd now has, which means we can expect a lot more from GGXrd now.

I consider it a “Changing of the Guard”. ACPlusR is rightfully the end of the “Guilty Gear X and XX” Series, whose sprites have been recycled since the Dreamcast Era. Seriously those sprites are 14 years old, and in some cases badly drawn and inconsistent (they couldn’t even decide what color buckle Ky had on his back, gold or grey?)! It is because they use old stages that the game is currently dealing with sprite-related bugs and memory issues (the game crashes due to memory limitations with older stages).

My expectations for GGXrd were initially small (in fact most people aside from myself had given up hope that Guilty Gear would ever get finished!), so expecting a large cast of characters or specific characters is out of the question.

Right now, when I look at the current GGXrd roster, I am reminded of the first Guilty Gear… it has every character that bore importance to the original story (albeit Testament is M.I.A., but that may become significant later… and Baiken was more of a side hidden character back then).

I said this before, but, it would be a neat little easter-egg if Baiken or Testament were “hidden characters” in GGXrd (in keeping with old traditions). To say nothing of any “new” characters that may come up (let’s face it, there may be MORE than one Valentine out there).

Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign is only the beginning. It has a lot of growth to go through yet.  They’ll do what they think is best for the series. But they won’t forget the fans of other characters.

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