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DioRainbow in the Dark
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This one goes out to all the gamers out there who don’t have a Player 2 to fight against, like me.

People who struggle to learn combos and match-ups while playing Multiplayer Games on their own, alone.

Online Games are only a temporary salve for this lonesome pain… 

Keep shining my friends. Someday someone will find you.

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Questions people DON’T ask me about Guilty Gear:

—-Why does Justice (or Haku-men) sound like she’s talking through a tube?
It’s called a Vocoder… they distort voices very easily, that’s how they make Potemkin’s voice (slowing it down), and the reverse is true with the Helium item in Faust’s bag of tricks in Xrd. In GGXPlus, Kliff Undersn’s voice was slowed down too (it sounded awful).

—-Who are Gottfried and Maining, and why should we know about them?
They were prominent members of Calronia Kingdom’s Guard/Security Regiment. Leon Maining (voiced by Daisuke Gouri), although he was part of Calronia, was a former mercenary from Zepp. He created a super-soldier serum derived from Zato=ONE and Millia Rage’s DNA. He injected it in to his soldiers as part of an experiment which ultimately killed them. A former Knight of Casteria, Gottfried “The Iron Whirlwind” was one of his victims. Gottfried (voiced by Hisao Egawa) in particular was a bit of a hot-blooded blowhard goofball, (somewhat like a certain Bang Shishigami of BlazBlue) who became a memorable rival of Venom’s during the event Night of Knives. After everything transpired Leon Maining became the defacto ‘leader’ of Calronia (since Salteria Calroni, the next-in-line to the Throne was kidnapped as a baby and given to an adoptive family).

—-Where does the term “Night of Knives” come from?
Interesting to note, it originates from before World War II, originally dubbed "Night of the Long Knives", which is part of the backdrop of Guilty Gear’s own history.

—-Is Sol wearing a mullet?
Ironically no, that’s not a mullet. If for any reason his head guard breaks, his hair will fall to its full length and look similar to Ky’s long hair in GGXrd (only Sol will probably have a Gear Seal on his forehead, claws, teeth, and firey eyes). How he keeps his hair up and spikey like that with just a single headguard is anyone’s guess…

—-What do we know about Johnny’s past?
Johnny’s last name is Sfondi, Ky Kiske refers to him as this as he is wanted by the police for theft (him being a pirate). His father was killed by a Gear (presumably during the Crusades) and he was a student of a certain sword fighting school known as Hirofumi Illusion School: Swallow Moon-Sword Style. Apparently he was a fellow student with a man named Crow Kuruwaba (the Division Chief of the Post-War Administration Bureau) who apparently betrayed the school (and possibly his Japanese heritage/Medical talents based on comments of him from Baiken and Slayer respectively) and got sent to Dimensional Prison for as-yet undisclosed actions. It’s unclear what Johnny’s relationship to Crow is, but they are not on good terms, to a point that Ky Kiske stepped in to assist Johnny before he lost his temper during a critical battle. Johnny’s master’s name is Uncho Hirofumi.

—-What’s going on with the Jellyfish Pirates in GGXrd?
In case you haven’t noticed a lot of the crew have matured. March was just a little baby in GGX, but now is a young girl with very long blonde curls (she appears in May Ship II Stage along with April, July, Augus, and Leap from what I’ve seen so far). May’s current weapon has a label “A work of Novel”. Novel is the ship’s mechanic and crew-mate friend of May’s who probably forged her new anchor for her. They’re currently investigating what’s going on in Japan’s ruins, just south of it.

—-Where is the Japanese Dimensional Colony located?
As of GGXrd it was determined to be placed under a dimensional seal somewhere over the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. Ironically it coincides with the old British Science Fiction location of Shangri-La, in the novel “Lost Horizon” by James Hilton. It was originally sealed by the Zessen Void Fans Sacred Treasure, but since the weapon was ‘stolen’ (actually entrusted to Anji Mito) the barrier was replaced (I suppose by Zepp technology). Originally the barrier could only be opened by people who held a certain medallion to the seal to cause it to react and open. The Post-War Administration Bureau tried breaking in to the place once, but that ended in failure. Later it seems Chipp Zanuff managed to find a temporary home there, even though he’s technically not Japanese (trying to found his Chipp Country). Ky Kiske has since been politically trying to undo the Japanese’ “National Treasure” (rare species) status as the artificial environment of the Colony makes it seem more like a prison or a zoo than an actual place that people can live in.

—-So now that we know what the Senga looks like, what does it do?
Currently it’s not known what it does yet, only that Sol was trying to retrieve it from the Senato as of VastEdge. It looks like a Lamp Light Bulb with a Sand Timer in it, so I assume it has powers related to either stopping time, or stopping light (or perhaps both, similar perhaps to the Izayoi in BlazBlue).

—-So who is Bedman, and what do we know?
There really isn’t much to go on right now. Originally it seemed like he was a former experiment of the Post-War Administration Bureau, but since new information has come in, that doesn’t seem to be the case. He claims to have a “Human Employer” and this person isn’t related to “That Man” (The Gearmaker) or the “Senato”!! Sorry for any early mixups or false speculation. His objective seems to be to stop Axl Low from speaking with “That Man” (giving him a message from “Original Man”), so he probably has connections to someone wanting to preserve the timeline (similar to, if not opposing I-No’s objectives). Sol claims he feels pressure around Bedman that is similar to the pressure he felt when he was inside the Backyard… meaning Bedman’s Nightmare Theater World might be a part of the Backyard or somehow related to it. All that really can be said about Bedman is that he is absolutely quiet and only speaks to people within his dreams (not even talking in his sleep), valuing only his own “given purpose” and nothing else. Other than that, the “Oneroi” mechanisms on his Bed-machine’s ‘hands’ appear to transform in to Dream Catchers that can Pause/Replay any Task events via Deja Vus (so he can call upon any memory anyone has of anything and use it as a weapon).

—-Is it true that the Assassins’ Organization (Guild) is working for the Senato?
Things are not fully clear at the moment. The Senato held Zato’s body prior to reviving him. Venom doesn’t appear to want to affiliate himself with them, even going so far as to ask for Millia’s assistance in recovering Zato. When Dr. Faust interrogated Venom on the assassination records (the ones related to a patient under Faust’s care before she died), Venom claimed that ‘certain members of the United Nations’ were related to the tragedy. It’s assumed (for now) that these Senators (elite members) are part of the Senato, and behind the Post-War Administration Bureau (who are responsible for Zato’s and Millia’s forbidden beasts Eddie and Angra). Bardius has gone missing as of confronting Sol in VastEdge (so it’s assumed he’s dead), Chronus and Axus were seen in-meeting with Libraria, but unlike the others Libraria (a female it seems) has misgivings about their objectives: namely to recover something called “The Cradle” that is related to Babylon (which they allowed Ramlethal Valentine to destroy). The Cradle seems to be linked to the Backyard somehow and possibly the origin of life.

—-Is VastEdge considered canonical?
Given a lot of the misinformation it has provided (Sin’s age being guessed at six, when he was born roughly May 31st, 2184, which makes him three years old in actuality), the label on the Junkyard Dog Mk. 2 as being forged in 2187 (when the Mk. 3 was forged in January of 2187) makes things rather disjointed and unorganized. It is “canonical” in the sense that it covers events that transpired and the characters involved, but the information isn’t accurate to the timeline, therefore it falls under "Gaiden Canon", since there isn’t much to the story itself, just mentioning the characters involved and what they were doing between Overture (GG2) and Sign (GGXrd).

Maybe I’ll add more later… heh.

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MetallicaFight Fire with Fire
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GGXrd Music Tribute to Sol Badguy!

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Found these “interesting” little textures on 4gamer.net.

One in particular reminds me of a “certain song” I happen to have.

You know what THAT means *evil grin*

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Q: Do we have any idea on how Junkyard Dog Mk.2 works, considering it's not the usual kind of weapon Sol works with that we know of?

There’s a few quirks about this sword you should know.

First, according to the labels it was made/patented in 2187… but that can’t quite be right unless it was using some kind of oddball “Advanced Patent”.

The reason for that is because of the date printed on the Junkyard Dog Mk 3, just 15 days in to January. (Sol probably had the Mk II for more than 15 days at least… Otherwise I’m just going to assume that VastEdge has a messed up timeline and have it fall under Gaiden Canon like the rest of the retcon-able information we get from it).

That’s one aspect to it.

The other is the possibility that it houses the Firesealed Sword. We can’t confirm it, since there’s no evidence, but it’s been established that the Mk 3 houses the “core” of the Fireseal, so it’s not a stretch to suggest the Mk II did as well.

And the cutscenes suggest Sol can fire some kind of very colorful beam out of it. He can still use flame based attacks, such as Tyrant Rave, Gunflame, and the like, but the power seems to be the result of a reaction from using Magic Particles. That’s not to suggest that using Magic Particles in spells in general will produce a “rainbow effect”… but only in this instance.

Sorry but aside from that (and the fact Sol was trying to obtain the "Flashing Fang" Sacred Treasure from the Senato for certain reasons) there’s not much else I can tell you about it, since the story doesn’t have much substance to it.

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ii96(GDa)X n. Model II.[Junkyard Dog]

PROPERTY OF BULLET HEAVEN ARMS 2187  +Alternative O+ _____+

Gunsmith DOG

(Screens courtesy of Lux)

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Q: Considering that not many of us even know of Vastedge, just what is the weapon Sol's wielding in that title? Oddly enough, it doesn't seem to be a sword of some sort.

That would be the Junkyard Dog Mk.II.

Not all of Sol’s “projects” function as a sword, some act more like firearms, music boxes, and amplification devices.

I’ll follow up this answer to your question with some detailed screens!

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Q: I think the worst GG misconception is the idea that Bridget is trans or something, when he clearly states he is male in his story and became a bounty hunter to prove his masculinity, hello did you not play the game people?

I understand what you mean, but keep in mind that a lot of people just play the games for the characters’ designs and game-play.

They don’t think twice about the story or character development (either because it’s too convoluted or they take things at face value).

It’s unfortunate but that’s what people do for games they are unfamiliar with.

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Q: Speaking of uninformed, are there any common misconceptions regarding GG lore that you STILL find yourself having to correct to this day?

Ohhh don’t get me started.

I made tags specifically for that sort of thing

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Q: Are you happy that Bridget only barely cracked the Top 10 in your poll?

I am not biased, those are just the results.  

Also I explained Bridget’s case earlier.

I don’t mind Bridget in Guilty Gear at all, I just don’t follow or agree with the uninformed Memes about him.

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