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Brief Hiatus

I’m taking a break.

I want people to read this article and this conversation and understand where I am coming from.

As far as I’m concerned people are patchwork quilts as far as D.N.A. and ancestral makeup is concerned so there is no possible way to put catch-all labels on people like people seem to think, in fact that’s the very opposite of Racism “accepting that everyone is human and not something else”.

I can’t take back the Sinful History, I can only understand it’s ignorance and it’s attempt to dehumanize people by putting catch-all labels on them as an excuse to categorize and take advantage of them in the first place, and learn from that history and prevent it by not putting labels on people.

You’d think understanding the similarities and differences, along with the diversity in genetics between Humans and Gears would’ve taught people this after playing this game series.

11:27 pm - Fri, Sep 19, 2014
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Q: Does That Man make a appearance in xrd?

I don’t see any reason to believe he wouldn’t show up, since he appeared in VastEdge.

There just hasn’t been any proof or evidence of it yet, other than I-No and Axl mentioning him.

Sorry but you’ll just have to wait some more.

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. . .

I’m seeing messages and complaints about the Venom thing yet.

Let me spell it out clearly:

1. We don’t know Venom’s ethnicity other than the fact he came from England.

2. “Black” is a generic label and it’s not a good label if you ask me. Maybe “Tanned Skin” isn’t good enough for you, but “Black” is not much better… REGARDLESS it’s an unofficial observation made by FANS (and nothing stated about it by ARC System Works). If you want to take issue with it, message THEM not me, don’t complain to Venom fans AROUND me.

You don’t call Native Americans “Indians”, much the same as you wouldn’t call people from China “Yellow”. In fact most people from Germany, Poland, and England or even Europe in general don’t really like being called “Caucasian” or “White”. To some people it’s very demeaning to put them under such labels.

On TOP of that the very definition of the color Black is that it isn’t a COLOR. Why don’t people get this? You ever study color theory? You know how light works? Colors aren’t what you see, they’re what’s being reflected off things, every other color is being absorbed.

Black is when all colors are being absorbed, it’s the absence of color being reflected, White is when all colors are being reflected all at once. That’s how a Prism works, it bends light. And you want to generically label fictional or even real people in these terms? It’s up to you if you want to see the world in such a simple way.

But in the case of Guilty Gear, it’s all unofficial data that fans came up with, outside of Ethnic Origins listed by ARC System Works.

I’m done with this argument, if you still want to complain about it complain to ARC System Works, not me. Or get yourself your own blog and make up your own characters and do whatever you want.

I’m not going to label people or call them things they don’t want to be called even if everyone else THINKS its obvious to THEM, and I’m certainly not going to put labels on characters in a series that CANONICALLY don’t have those labels to begin with!

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Q: Probably already asked but, do you have something like a list that explains who is the strongest in the Guilty Gear universe ? I know Sol is pretty powerful but Slayer feels like he hides godlike powers behind his nonchalance.

It’s not really a list so much as an estimated “Risk Rating List” (along with fake bounties) that the Post-War Administration Bureau conducted and a comparison with related characters.

Of course, I wouldn’t say it’s accurate by any means.

Based on what I’ve determined earlier, the Valentines, Slayer, “That Man”, Dizzy (and by extension Sin), Sol, Raven (and formerly Justice) are currently ‘probably’ the strongest known beings on the planet.

I can’t say who is the strongest among them (though I’m sure Slayer would love to know since he wishes to test himself against Sol’s strength), but things may change in the upcoming story for GGXrd, especially given now that Bedman is a new threat

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Q: Considering how... expressive Elphelt is compared to the other two Valentines, is it likely that she actually was awakened far earlier than her "sisters"?

That is unclear. Certainly the original “Valentine” appeared first, but she had no personality to speak of… which was what caused her to fail in her “mission” apparently.

Ramlethal is not much different… but much like what Izuna states about personalities that develop in the Backyard… it comes with time.

Elphelt seems to have quirks in her personality yet, in that she has fixations on certain ideas and concepts and has a rather rigid opinion on things and tends to force that opinion on others, so her personality may need some ironing out yet.

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Q: I read in Arc System Works US Twitter, that Elphelt is a Overly Attached Girlfriend in disguise. O.o . I dont know what to think, maybe she is obsessed with the marriage concept? ( She wears a bride dress like outfit) I believe she is older than Ramlethal, she seems to have a more developed personality than Ram.

Well, seeing as Guilty Gear tends to gather "eccentric individuals" in its cast… I wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

Talk about a “Shotgun Wedding”! *rimshot*

As far as her existence goes and her developed personality compared to Ramlethal’s, yes it’s very likely she is like an “older sister” in that regard.

But again, there isn’t much information on their backgrounds beyond what’s been stated so far, so there’s probably some secrets that have yet to be revealed… they are Valentines after all.

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Q: Are there any pairings you ship, Gear Project-san?

No.  I try to stick with Canon information.  Read my FAQ.

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Q: Do you know what Faust says in AC+R when he uses his teleport moves? The line he says when he pulls up the magic sheet, but before any of the moves come out. It sounds like "Sono!" or "Kyono!".

Please read this.

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Q: We know that normal people are still afraid of Gears. But what about the playable cast?. For what I know, everyone in the cast was wary of Justice, except for Sol, Ky, Kliff and maybe Baiken in the first game.

Already mentioned this when Crow was playing around with the Justice Copy.

Most of the cast are fairly strong now, so it’s hard to say but… then again it’s hard to truly fathom Justice’ power based on that alone.

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No more Roster Questions!

Okay, to all of you who keep messaging me about when ___ character will be added to the roster… please, just follow the Interviews and News to see what ARC System Works has to say about it and JUST be PATIENT!

I’m not answering any more questions on who will be returning to the roster because you guys should seriously know that I can NOT predict the FUTURE!

Anyone who is currently NOT in GGXrd who has been in past games probably won’t be in until either the next installment or the installment after that is my guess.

That’s it, no more of this question (which by the way has nothing to do with GG’s lore).

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