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5:38 pm - Tue, Nov 13, 2012
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Q: You say that the prototype of Missing Link (where May used an axe, etc.) was going to be a 3D fighter, but the magazine clearly describes it as a "2D hard battle." So it was never in conflict with Ishiwatari's dislike of games like Soul Calibur. It only looks 3D because they were using pre-rendered sprites, similar to those seen in Donkey Kong Country. They're very ugly and I'm glad they decided to switch to hand-drawn graphics; the series would probably have never seen a sequel otherwise.

Take a look at one of the last few pics of the first set…there’s a 3D pic of Sol in there.

I’m aware that this particular article says “2D Hard Battle” (mostly because back then they didn’t have terms like “2.5D Fighting Game”), though in another equally-old article (Tips & Tricks Magazine), the original concept was 3D.

3D renders are technically easier to produce games with compared to 2D sprite draws, so even so…no matter what Daisuke has said about other 3D games, he produced GG2 Overture for one reason or another.

Ugly or not, it’s a stepping stone in production that every game has to get over, so it’s interesting to look at how games like this have developed.

Next, I think I’ll upload the Tips & Tricks Article in Question (Ahhh, nostalgia!).

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Prototype Guilty Gear (2nd Set of Scans)

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Prototype Guilty Gear (1st Set of Scans)

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Q: Do you have scans of the Japanese magazine article featuring the character designs and screen shots from the original 2.5D fighter version of Guilty Gear 2 Overture? I can't find these anywhere.

1. There was no such thing in regards to Overture (Fun Fact: Certain enemies in-game only had 3D renders, no conceptual sketches were drawn, so people who draw fanart of Robo-Valentine had to get screenshots of her for reference, hehe).

2. If you’re talking about the Guilty Gear 3D Prototype (with the “Showtime” Tension Bars in small screen shots), there’s a few scans of it floating around on Tumblr already.

There really isn’t much to say about the Prototype GG, except that it was featured in a Magazine (not sure which one, probably Famitsu), and that it was still in production at the time (before it got scrapped in favor of the 2D fighting platform we’re familiar with). ¬†From the looks of it, it was being produced in the same vein as games like Fighting Vipers, Battle Arena Toshinden, and Bloody Roar which were popular back in the Heydey of the Playstation (or as we called it back then, the PSX).

I’ve done my best to gather any extra info from that article and compile them here. It’s mostly weapon data that was never used in production and later got revised, for example Millia was a knife wielder and Potemkin used an axe instead of his fists.

As I’ve stated before, Daisuke in past interviews has stated he hates games like Soul Calibur, though for what reason I’m not sure, though he has tried to expand the mythos of GG with GG2’s style of gameplay it wasn’t as successful as it could have been (alienating the fighting game fanbase aside).

It’s been said that they learned a lot from making the game Battle Fantasia, since that is technically more 2.5D than any previous game they’ve made (this taking place before BlazBlue came out).

I might upload the scans of the article I have here, but because of the way Tumblr is about uploading images, they will probably be significantly reduced in size, so don’t be too disappointed at the idea you can’t read the article itself.

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